About us

Who we are

The Warsaw Front Charitable Foundation was established in the first days of the full-scale war launched by the Russian Federation. The fund unites the efforts of volunteers, organizations in Poland and abroad, business and all concerned to respond as quickly as possible to the needs of Ukrainians in the hottest spots of war. We work with direct inquiries and send everything directly, without intermediaries! And we report daily on our activities on social media.
Humanitarian aid to the hottest spots, support for IDPs in Poland, medical examination of IDPs, advanced aid, support for medical facilities – all this and more we do 24/7 to bring closer the Day of our victory with you – the victory of the whole democratic world over imperialism!
We invite you to become part of a great mission!
Glory to Ukraine!

Our team

How it all started with us…

When the war broke out, Kirill Kimakovich was in Warsaw. So he decided that he could help more by being here and setting up a relief headquarters.
Together with Serhiy Shandra and Bohdan Boyarsky, they began working on the organization.
There was very little time, because I wanted to do a lot. From that day, about 70 people began to join. We all wanted to help our Ukraine.
At first there was a lot of chaos, because the emotions showed, but then we managed to organize everything well.
And since then we have been working every day to help our homeland.
We receive trucks with humanitarian and medical assistance from companies around the world and ship them to Ukraine.
We are infinitely grateful to Kirill for starting everything, to the managers who set up the work, to the logisticians who work in the warehouse every day, to the girls and boys who work in our office, to the drivers who risk their lives to deliver vehicles, to everyone who works with us side by side. Every beautiful person who sent even the smallest parcel, every zloty!
Glory to Ukraine!